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Soil Microbiology, Bio-fertility and Bio-organic Fertilizer

Date: 2014-12-16

Leader researcher: Qirong Shen

Email: shenqirong@njau.edu.cn

Fields of Research: Organic Fertilizers and Soil Microbial

About the Team: A large number of solid organic wastes are generated in China each year, giving rise to such serious problems as nutrient losses and eutrophication. So the main focus of the research is the construction and control technology of microbial flora of soil with high fertility and can suppress soil born diseases and bio- organic fertilizer products. So as to provide technical support for the national solid organic waste recycling and soil fertility.

Major projects undertaken over the past three years:

1. Jiangsu Provincial Organic Solid Waste Resource Collaborative Innovation Center, Construction of The Platform, 20,000,000 yuan, 2013-2017; 

2. Study on Mechanism Model of Biofilm in Rhizosphere Bacteria in The Crop’s Root’s Surface, Key Project of the National Science Foundation, 3,120,000, 2014 -2018;  

3. Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Solid Organic Fertilizer utilization, Project for Upgrading, 5,000,000 yuan, 2014-2018.

4. Integrated control technology of crop wilt disease. National Research in Public Service Sectors (Agriculture), 23,700,000 yuan, 2015-2019;

5. Soil Microflora Characteristics and Regulation of High-yield and High-efficiency Soils for Crops. The state plan for development of basic research in key areas, 33,980,000, 2015 -2019;

6. Study of the key technologies for regulating soil microbial community and their mechanisms.The natural science fundation of Jiangsu Province, 1.000,000 yuan, 2015-2018.  

Representative Awards:

1. The project “Production of solid sporn and Trichoderma-based organic-inorganic-microbial mixed fertilizers by using straw and animal waste proteins” won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Lts in 2017 (Certificate No.2017-DBNSTA-ZWYY-SHARE-No1-01-D1, Granted to Qirong Shen, etc.);

2. The project “Organic Fertilizer and Soil Microbiology Group” won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Agriculturure and Rural Affairs of the people’s Republic of China in 2015 (Certificate No.TD2015-R-024-01, Granted to Qirong Shen, etc.);

3. The project “Treatment of dead livestock and poultry without pollution and harmless and high value-added resource utilization technology” won the patent excellence award of State Intellectual Property office of the People’s Republic of China in 2017 (Certificate No.ZL201410429510.0, Granted to Qirong Shen, etc.).

Invention patent:

1. China National invention patent: Treatment of dead livestock and poultry without pollution and harmless and high value-added resource utilization technology (Patent No. No.ZL201410429510.0), (Authorized to Qirong Shen, etc. in 2015); 

2. China National invention patent: A new method for directly producing organic fertilizer by straw and its products (Patent No. ZL201610131358.7), (Authorized to Qirong Shen, et al. in 2016). 

3. China National invention patent: A new method for producing solid sporn of Trichoderma spp. by using crop straw as substrates and its applications (Patent No. ZL2014102213545.9), (Authorized to Qirong Shen, et al. in 2016). 

4. China National invention patent: A method of producing bio-organic fertilizer by using acid hydrolysate and decomposed organic fertilizer (Patent No. ZL201510149568.4), (Authorized to Qirong Shen, et al. in 2016). 

5. China National invention patent: A new method of total protein extraction from filamentous fungi solid fermentation products (Patent No. ZL201710261618.7), (Authorized to Qirong Shen, et al. in 2016). 

Representative Publication:

1. Miao YZ, Kong YQ, Li P, Li GQ , Liu DY, Shen QR, Zhang RF (2018) Effect of CBM1 and linker region on enzymatic properties of a novel thermostable dimeric GH10 xylanase (Xyn10A) from filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus Z5, AMB EXPRESS, 8: 44

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3. Shen ZZ, Penton CR, Lv N, Xue C, Yuan XF, Ruan YZ, Li R, Shen QR (2018) Banana Fusarium Wilt Disease Incidence Is Influenced by Shifts of Soil Microbial Communities Under Different Monoculture Spans, MICROB ECOL, 75(3): 739-750

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